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Open Director Seat - Application Deadline August 1

Farmers territory map showing districtsThe Farmers Electric Cooperative’s Board of Directors has an open director seat for the upcoming election (September 11, 2018) in the East District of our service territory.  The East district contains the following townships: Madison, Douglas, Lincoln, Walnut, Scott, Union, Crawford, South, and Ohio in Madison County.  The director shall be a resident of the voting district he or she is elected to represent.  Farmers Electric Cooperative is a not-for-profit rural electric cooperative with the following mission: "Farmers Electric Cooperative, Inc. delivers safe, reliable, affordable electricity and other services to improve the quality of life within our communities." For more information, visit our website at

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Director Schedule
Event # of Days Month
Board Meetings 12 Thursday of third full week of each month 9:00 a.m.
Farmers Annual Meeting 0.5 September
Safety Meetings 0.5 Board members attend safety meeting once each 9 months
CIPCO Annual Meeting 1 March
IAEC Annual Meeting 2 November
NRECA Regional Meeting 3 September
CFC Forum 4 Board members rotate attending this event (June)
CoBank Meeting 4 Board members rotate attending this event (July)
NRECA Annual Meeting 5 Board members attend this every year following their election (February)
Committee Meetings 1-2 Varies
Legislative Forum 0.5 Evening meeting in December
REC Day on the Hill 1 March
Director education classes 2-5 Throughout the year in Des Moines
IAEC District Meeting 1 August
Estimated total days 25-35  
The per diem shall consist of the following:
1. $250 (non-credentialed) or $300 (credentialed) for regular board meetings and additional meetings lasting over 4 hours.
2. $125/$150 for meetings lasting less than 4 hours
3. No per diem is allowed for Farmers Annual Meeting or Revolving Loan meetings




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