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Power Outage Tips

IAEC Statewide Outage Map
What to do in case of a power outage?

If your power goes off, you can help restore service quickly and safely by taking the following steps:

1.      Check your fuses or circuit breakers in the house and at the meter pole.

2.      Check with your neighbors to see if they have power.

3.      Call Farmers Electric Cooperative, Inc. at: 1-800-397-4821.

4.      Turn off major appliances to protect them from any high or low voltage conditions and to decrease the load  when lines are re-energized.

5.      Leave a light switch on so you’ll know when service has been restored.

Call just as soon as the trouble is discovered or you notice any suspicious circumstances, such as a tree in the line, a flash, arc, or smoke from a transformer.  Please be careful around downed power lines.  Never assume that the power is off.  Our crews work to repair dangerous and critical conditions first.  In the event of major storms, service to substations will be restored first, then primary feeder lines and then individual services.



Your cooperative maintains electric service up to and including the meter.  Wiring beyond the meter is the responsibility of the member.

In case of a Medical Alert:  Please inform us if someone in your family depends on electronic life support equipment.  They will be placed on our Medic Alert registry and be given priority, if possible, when an outage occurs (physician’s statement required).


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